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   Aquatic Plants of Massachusetts is a comprehensive field guide to over 135 vascular plant species found in the aquatic habitats of Massachusetts. All the truly aquatic angiosperms, ferns, and fern-allies are included whether native or introduced, common or endangered. This guide includes identification keys and current nomenclature and family assignments.  Aimed at students, botanists, naturalists, and ecologists, it is fully illustrated with color photographs, line drawings, and distribution maps.


Features include:

  • Taxonomic keys to each genus and species
  • Coverage of more than 135 species including 22 state-listed rare species
  • Organized alphabetically by genus and then species
  • Illustrated with both color photographs & line drawings, including new illustrations
  • Conservation status (endangered, threatened, or special concern) in Massachusetts
  • Habitat information
  • Fully indexed (both scientific name and common name) for ease-of-use




Wetland Plants of New England is a comprehensive field guide to the rich woody flora of the regions wetlands


  Dichotomous keys for identification in summer and winter seasons

  Describes 124 species, common or rare, each mapped & illustrated.

  50 additional species discussed for comparison.

  322 pages white paper, 186 color photos, 127 b/w illustrations

Coverage of all woody speciesnative, naturalized, or escapedin the six New

    England states that one may encounter in or around swamps, bogs, and marshes.

Aimed at students, conservationists, interested citizens, and professional 

   fieldworkers, it is intended to bridge the gap between more technical floras and 

   overly-simple field guides   

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